Some games even have a 100% return with proper play, as well as a special Deuces Wild flavor, which pays 100.77%. However, there are some caveats:

  • These machines are hard to find. Casinos don’t like to play games that could potentially lose money. Your best bet for finding these games is in downtown Vegas (not the Strip which is where all the famous casinos are) and local casinos, which have to be more competitive than high street casinos in order to attract customers. Here again, VPFree2 can help you find machines that pay well.
  • Proper play is essential. If you just try to guess the strategy, you won’t do any better than a slot machine.
  • You won’t come out rich from video poker even if the machine pays 100%+. At a rate of 600 hands per hour, and €1.25 per hand (€0.25 x 5 coins), that’s €750 wagered per hour. If you play flawlessly (no mistakes) and see your 0.77% lead, that’s €5.78/hour on average. You’ll need a few thousand euros of capital to cover the losses you’ll suffer while you wait to hit the Royal Flush. Yes, if you have money you can play on machines with higher denominations, except that 100%+ machines are rarely found at anything above €0.25.

Whether you’re looking for 100%+ machines or 99%+ machines, I have to say that it is essential to learn the proper strategy.

If there are only two things you can take away from this Video Poker Guide, it is to find games with the best paytables, and play those games according to published strategies.

    1. Choose a game. There are dozens of varieties of video poker. I recommend Jacks or Better because it’s the original video poker game, it’s available almost everywhere and, most importantly, the strategy is pretty easy.
    2. Learn the strategy. You can’t just guess or you’ll lose money easily. Use the simple strategy listed below to get started.
    3. Practice! Practice on your computer with play money before risking real money at a casino. The wizard training game is good because it tells you when you make a strategy mistake. But if you want a game with sound then you’ll prefer the training game.
  • Find the good games. Video poker games with the best paytables can be found, but they are rare. Naturally, casinos prefer you to play on the worst machines. In general, casinos in the center and avenues (the best known) have the worst machines, and everywhere is better. But while good machines are rare in these places, some do exist. Naturally the casinos prefer that you play the stingier machines. VPFree can help you find the good machines.